IRSDB is now terminated

To maintain a database on the web means a lot of effort, which can be ensured only by a group of people with the necessary resources. So, as a retiree, I recognize with really great relief the mature state of the database of the concurrent ISRaD group, who not only put a huge number of soils radiocarbon data of all kind into their database, but also managed to handle the problems with copyright and intellectual property issues. Congratulations and best wishes for future developments to my colleagues at ISRad!

As ISRaD is fully open source, it doesn’t make any sense to further work on the IRSDB. This website will stay open just for documentary reason, at least until my subscription for the domain is valid. After that you may find it in the Internet Archive.

No more data input will be accepted for IRSDB, instead please go directly to or contact Sophie von Fromm, who is the editor of ISRaD.